Sunday, June 29, 2008

Go Germany!

For the big Germany Soccer game we went over to Oma and Opa's house to watch ! Matt made his yummy Brat's and Oma had lots of yummy food prepared too! We had a great time even if Germany Lost! Bummer!! 

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Lake and Happy Birthday Brock!

Thanks Brock and Brigit for the day at the Lake! It was a great time.  We had so much fun tubing and wakeboarding!!! Happy Birthday Brock!
                                              Brock getting the girls ready for a tube ride!
                                           Mandi, Brigit, and Jen... Hold on, Brock is driving!
                                            Cheese! Maybe next time you can dump us off!
                                                                       Go Matt!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maui Baby!

Matt was so sweet to order all the girls a Lei!  When we landed in Hawaii we were so excited and the beautiful Lei we received scored Matt a few points with the ladies!
                                                                      Jen and Chris
                                                                  Brock and Brigit
                                                            Matty and all the girls 
                                                                    Matt and Mandi
                                                       Yeah on our way to hawaii!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

THe first day we got to Hawaii we met Celeste and Brady at the resort they were staying at. We had a great time swimming in the infinity pool looking at the ocean.  The rest of the day we spent going down waterslides and playing on rope swings.  It was too fun.  We had such a great time that we did the same thing the next day!
                                              Brady, Jen, Chris, Celeste, Mandi, and Matt
                                                     Brigit, Jen, Celeste, and Mandi
We had fun at the beautiful beaches in Maui.  At the Beach by Celeste and Brady's  Resort there was a slide out in the middle of the water. It was harder than it looked to climb up but funny to watch people attemt and a blast to go down it.  We went boogie boarding at another beach one day.  Jen and I got thrashed around quite abit.  It was entertaining to everyone else on the beach watching.  We figured between the two of us we had enough sand in our suits to make a huge sandcastle! I had sand in my hair for days and Jen still had sand in her suit after we came home.
                                                                           The girls
                                                                   Mandi and Matt

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures in Maui!

This is B-Rad and Dog! They were our guides for the Rafting/Snorkeling tour we took.  They were Hilarious!  Maybe a little crazy on the driving but hanging on for dear life was half of the fun of the trip! We saw some amazing caves and rock formations. The snorkeling was amazing and we got to see an eel, a reef shark, lots of fish a turtle and even dolphins. The water was a little cold but it was great fun! 
This was too funny! Anyone who knows Matt knows that he is not the most "huggy" kind of guy.  Jen told Dog to give him a big huge hug at the end of our snorkeling trip. 
Here are the girls in our gear for the zip line.  What a fun time that was.  We had some great guides and the ziplines were so much fun.  Poor Matt was sick that day and so he didn't go.  Nothing worse than going all the way to Maui and getting sick! Bummer!
This was the best part about the zipline was watching Chris and his long legs! Look at those legs! Chris had to lift his legs up so he didn't drag them on the ground! Chris was a good sport and very entertaining to watch. We love you Chris!
The last day in Maui Brock found this Camelion. It was so cool. Brock messed with it a little too long though.  The poor little guy was ready to attack.