Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Fat Baby Jewelry!

My friend Mandi has a friend that has a website called Big Fat Baby Jewelry. They have the cutest jewelry ever! Rowyn got the chance to show off her chubby wrists and model some of the new bracelets that will be going on the Big Fat Baby Jewelry Website. There is also cute blankets, bibs, and bows on her website. I just want to eat my big fat baby!!!

These are just a few of the pictures I took of Rowyn while she was modeling the Big Fat Baby Jewelry. Rilee and Treyvan were so cute. They kept making her look all different directions "helping me" make her laugh! I cannot believe how time flies. Rowyn is growing so fast. She loves to shake her head "NO NO" and say "dis". She says "da da" and "ba ba" but even though I try to coach her, she still doesn't say "ma ma"! She is a mama's girl and she flaps her arms like she is trying to take flight when she sees me come in the room or herself in the mirror. Rowyn loves to get around and does not let her size slow her down. She is not "crawling" but scooting, or worming, or something in between. It works. Her favorite thing to do is to pull herself up to the couch so she can stand and see what is going on. She has a huge smile that shows lots of teeth and laughs all the time! Be careful when holding her! She gets so excited that she bites, and hard! When we were taking pictures she really had a thing for this piece of grass! As sweet as she is, she will tell you if she is pissed and she would get ticked when I tried to take the grass away. So, chewing on the grass it is! Those eyes! All of my kids are so lucky to have the Johnson eyes like their Dad. Those baby blues just melt me. I have loved having a baby around again so much! I might be crazy but I miss when she would get up during the night! With the day to day craziness; night time feeding and rocking was my time with just her. I tried to hang on to each moment but it still went by too fast.

Monday, January 28, 2008


My fabulous sister in law updated my template but I lost everyones links. If you have a chance it would be fabulous if you would give them to me again! Thanks. Thanks again Steph.

Our Beloved Prophet

I am sure that everyone has mixed feelings about the passing of our Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley. I know he will be greatly missed but there is a part of me that is happy for him to be with his sweet wife.
We were on our way home from the "It's great to be 8 fireside"(Which was fabulous thanks guys!) when I checked my phone and heard the sad news. Rilee said, "But he is so sweet! I just wanted to give him a hug, and I never even got to shake his hand. I can't wait to see him in heaven and now he can look out for us from heaven. " I love to see things through children's eyes. I think that is part of why I love Primary so much.
We also had our ward conference on Sunday. As intimidating as it is to have the Stake leaders there they are so wonderful. It made us all feel so good to have them say that they were impressed with the reverence of our kids. We love those primary kids and I have to say I have the best counselors and secretary ever! (thanks guys for everything!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aunt Edeltrud

Matt's aunt Edeltrud came to visit last week. We were able to go out to dinner with her and then invade Johnny and Steph's house with all the Johnson clan (18 grandkids and 13 Adults) for a feast of Brats! Matt makes a really dang good Brat I have to say! It was lots of fun and we were so sad to see her go. I wish I knew how to say anything to her in German. Matt taught our kids to say haltegosh (shut up ) but that is all I know. Thanks Johnny and Steph for letting us crash your house!

Rowyn's well check

Rilee and Treyvan were hiding under their jackets so they did not have to see Rowyn get her shots at the doctor this afternoon. Goobers. They had a harder time that she did. She was tough as nails! Matt wondered if she even felt the shots in those thighs! I said she is just brave. The Doctor heard a murmur...I hope everything is ok. He said not to worry and he would check again at one year. Oh, I forgot the BIGGEST NEWS.... Rowyn is 26 lbs Tiny! Chubbalicious! Why isn't my cottage cheese cute?

Pick a Winner!

Treyvan has a hard time keeping his hands to himself and not "picking" on Rilee. I am always telling him to quit picking on her. I guess his solution is to pick his nose. When I told him to stop picking his nose he kept saying that he was not picking his nose. I told him I was watching him and to stop! He said, "mom, I am not picking my nose, I am just scratching my brain." Apparently his brain itches a lot! Boys will be boys!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you ever have a day when you feel like you are really HOT like this? I had big plans to go to the gym with my work out girls, (Steph-the hottest sister in law I claim as a sister with awesome legs, and Jen- the hottest always perfect hair havn friend that makes sweats look good) but everyones kids were sick. I could have gone by myself but that was not hard to talk myself out of! Instead, I put on my sweats and cleaned house all day. I make this picture look good! I wonder if Rilee is too young to be emberrased by her mom?! Good thing Matt is out of town. I will be sure to de-scrounge myself before he comes back in town tomorrow, but for now I will stay in my sweats. The even more pitiful part is that Rilee has a hip hop class tonight that I plan to go to as is and I don't care. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Rowyn's favorite part about visiting Grandpa and Grandma was the chocolate and caramel pretzel sticks. Yum! She is definatly my kind of girl.

It's cold outside!

Rilee and Treyvan are always so excited to go see Grandpa and Grandma Kirkham In Utah! They love to make gingerbread houses and most of all make snowmen, go sledding, and play in the snow.

Christmas Time

Here are the kids in their cute Christmas Outfits after church. We went Bowling with the (Marc) Johnson family, the Heizelbetz family, and Oma and Opa. The kids had a great time. After bowling we worked up an appetite so we went to th Olive Garden to eat. When we got home we got the kids Jammies on and set out the cookies they made for Santa. Santa mailed Rilee and Treyvan a special letter this year and so they were extra excited. He said that he loves to watch Rilee Golf and Dance and he is proud of her Piano practicing and the sweet big sister she is. He also said that he laughs when he watches Treyvan and him many stunts. He said he likes to watch him at Karate and that best of all secretly Santa is a Dallas Cowboys fan like treyvan and his Dad! The next morning Rilee was thrilled to get and Ipod and some baby stuff. Treyvan was so happy with his pirate sip, remote control car and helicopter and best of all him marshmallow shooter. Santa also left the Wii for the whole family. The kids love it. Rilee is patient with Treyvan always wanting to be #1! Rowyn was more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else!!

Thanksgiving 2007

I love Thanksgiving but not for the same reasons as Matt. Cowboys play and that is enough said. I wish I could say that I cared to watch more than eat all the yummy food but football will never make me as happy as mashed potatoes and apple pie! Rilee loves to help me make an apple pie every year and she and Treyvan look forward to playing with all of the cousins and the bounce house! I also enjoy playing games and chatting with the fam!

The Pumpkin Patch

I only have a few pictures of Rilee and Treyvan because they were too busy going down the slide and riding the other rides at the Pumpkin Patch!

Treyvan's birthday November 20th 2007 at Chuck E. Cheese. He called it Chruck ur Treat! He had a great time on the rides, opening presents and giving Chuck E. Cheese a high five. It was worth eating cardboard pizza to see the smile on his face!

Marissa got Married on October 4th 2007in the SLC Temple to Seth Wright. We Love him! A week later she had a small reception in vegas. It was great to see how happy she was at both.

California Trip with the Maes

We had a blast going to California in November! We went to a Ducks hockey game, saw the play Wicked, and ate yummy food! It was too cold to go tho the beach but Chris had to stick his toes in the sand.

Sunday, January 20, 2008